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Three-legged stool of branding

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Branding sits on a three-legged stool. All three legs of this stool must be examined and understood in order to come up with, and maintain, an effective brand.The legs are:

  • The organization's authentic identity
  • The audience
  • The market
By "organi [...]

Survey: iPad already matches Kindle in consumer awareness

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Survey: iPad already matches Kindle in consumer awareness. Why does a product that hasn't even hit the stores already hit the heights of awareness? Because all of the branding work Ap [...]

Archetypes and Branding

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People all over the world pass down stories with easily recognizable characters called “archetypes.” Carl Jung introduced the idea of archetypes in the “collective unconscious,” or a store of information held by all humans. Archetypes are easily understood and remembered  because they are s [...]

Apple Branding

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Apple Computer is up there with the best of the best in branding. They've been on top of their brand—forming it, shaping it, evolving it, and keeping it fresh—for more than 30 years. Here's a great clip, from 1985. It's clever and still relevant, direct from the mouth one of the greatest brander [...]

Come to our Branding Meetup 5/19/10

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Zoyo Branding has been invited to discuss the importance of branding to small businesses in Seattle on May 19, 2010. So come on and meetup with us! You'll get answers to burning questions like these: - How important is a logo to your business? - How does it represent your company? - How can I fin [...]

How do humans cope with daily brand bombardment?

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We Americans tolerate a constant barrage of branded messages. To find an actual statistic on how many brands we see each day, I did a little research. I found lots of websites offering a variety of results, but by far the most common statistic is 3,000. That means many experts agree that Americans a [...]

Port Townsend Film Festival

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After ten successful years, the Port Townsend Film Festival needed to redefine its unique identity continue attracting a loyal, local following. Zoyo created a brand blueprint to document the PTFF identity. Here is an interview with Janette Force, Director of Port Townsend Film Festival.

What i [...]

Who’s steering the good ship Brand?

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A lot of organizations say they don't have a brand. But every organization, large or small,  specialized or general, product- or service-based, has a brand. This brand is your motivating force, your self concept, your unique identity. The problem is, while your brand should be a conscious identi [...]

It’s hard to get a brand when no one knows what a “brand” is.

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A recent blog by  George Butler tries to define "brand." He polled professional branding consultants and they replied with a lot of words  that sound like jargon... "A brand is a promise." "Percept [...]

The Power of Brands

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What's the power of a brand? Let's look at the watch indsutry. High-end watch maker Bonja charges $4,000 for a watch that costs less than $200 to make. Even Juicy Couture, at a mid-end price point, earns a premium thanks to their brand. Juicy watches, which sell for about $95, are manufactured for j [...]