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The 5 stages of brand creation

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The work of branding a company may seem complicated, but it's simple enough to count the stages on one hand. When you look at branding from 10,000 feet, you see a 5-step process. Right now for one client, I’m at the cusp between stage 1 and stage 2, research and strategy. It’s helpful for them t [...]

Seattle Branding All-Stars

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Last week I sat on a panel discussing branding. The audience was the very enthusiastic membership of Seattle’s Grassroots Business Association. Here’s a rundown of my colleagues on the panel (from left t [...]

Branding Interviews

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Interviews. Lately I’ve been up to my eyeballs in personal interviews. Talking to real people about the real thoughts they have when using my client’s products. Why do personal interviews? The fact is, for a brand to stick, it has to be authentic. And to be authentic, you have to understand t [...]

The Branding Hourglass

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Every organization has a brand. Sometimes it’s difficult to see where a brand fits in the bigger picture of the organization as a whole. I started off describing it as a branding pyramid. But it’s not that shape at all. Thre are a few, key elements at the top, a single, simple brand in the middl [...]

Interbrand’s Top Global Brands

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Interbrand ranks the world's top brands. The top ten holds a few surprises and a whole lot of no-brainers. The no-brainers: Coke, Disney, McDonalds, Nokia, GE and IBM. The eyebrow raisers: Microsoft? Yes everyone knows them, but their branding is mostly copy-cat catch-up of Apple. Though pr [...]