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New Logo for Printing Company

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Client Acme Prints engaged Zoyo Branding to create a new logo and brand. This Arizona-based print shop is the coolest, most rockin' t-shirt company you'll ever see.


They wanted a logo that referred back to the old-time ideas associated with their Acme name, but also refected theri cr [...]

Does your site work the way your customers do?

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A successful web site should be a faithful reflection of the way a company’s leaders see the world, right? Wrong. A web site sould reflect the way their customers see the world. Ccompanies think about their products and services very differently than their visitors do. But t [...]

Branding Questions

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Branding is question-and-answer work. A branding agency should do more listening than talking. It’s the only way to create brand that’s unique and authentic to your organization. People want to know about the questions branders ask. They’re always different, of course. But below I’ve listed [...]