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Case Studies: Let your clients promote your brand

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Audiences these days are sophisticated. They know when you're promoting yourself. Words like "quality" and "responsive" have lost their meaning. It's difficult to tout your benefits while sounding genuine. Authenticity is what they're after. One of the best ways to get an authentic message across [...]

Banana Branding

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This morning while grabbing for my breakfast, I came face to face with a branding success story. My Chiquita Banana had an advertisement in its iconic blue sticker. The banana company's brand marker—that ubiquitous blue oval—has moved beyond a corporate logo and into the realm of... advertising [...]

Which comes first, the brand or the brochure?

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At Zoyo Branding, our mantra is that the brand is the foundation on which every element grows. But sometimes all company needs is a brochure. We'd rather start with a full, or even abbreviated, brand analysis to make sure the spirit and tone of the marketing piece is in the right ballpark. But if [...]