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Getting from brand blueprint to branded marketing

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A lot of organizations understand the idea of a "brand." They can grasp the concept of crystallizing the identity of the company and determining the personality of a product, company, or service. When branding companies create a brand for their clients, they present their work in a document called a [...]

Architypes: which ones describe your brand?

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People all over the world pass down stories with characters or “archetypes.” Carl Jung introduced the idea of the “collective unconscious,” or a store of information held by all humans. Archetypes are easily recognized and remembered. When companies tie their brands in to archetypes, people [...]

Emerald BioSystems: Brand & web

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This online store sells supplies for structural biologists. Problem was, customers had a hard time  finding the chemicals and tools they were looking for. Zoyo Branding did an extensive brand analysis in which we researched the ways scientists use the [...]

Kitsap Business Journal Highlights Zoyo Branding

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Zoyo Branding is a Seattle-area branding agency. We're located on Bainbrridge Island Washington, which is in Kitsap County. The local businss publication, The Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal, recently wrote an article featuring some pretty[...]