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The agony and ecstasy of being an Internet meme

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Everyone knows what it means to go viral on the internet. That’s when an item (video, blog entry, image, etc.) is so fascinating, strange, funny or amazing, that it moves quickly from person to person all around the net. A “meme” is a newly-coined term that identifies those items (video, b [...]

Five Steps To A Great Logo

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Your logo is the visual representation of the quality and service your offer. In today's digital world, your logo needs to communicate your most important values in a fraction of a second. That's a lot of responsibility for a little icon. How do you know your logo is working hard for you? Here ar [...]

Know what you stand for and your customers will stand in line

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To create an effective marketing program, it’s important to have real clarity on your organization’s brand. What’s a brand? Basically, your brand crystallizes your core concepts. It's not your company's products. It's what your organization stands for. It's not what you do.  It's the ne [...]

The foolproof formula for a brochure that works

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My clients were on draft 5 of the brochure. Things were getting out of control. The half-dozen or so managers who were on the reviewing team kept offering conflicting, vague feedback. The messages were almost as confusing and cluttered as the tubes in the equipment they sold (see photo at left). [...]

The Geneology of Ideas

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Had to pass on this great blog entry about creativity by Austin Kleon, a writer from Austin Texas. Very inspirational to me. Here's his suggestion #10, copied verbatim. (Hope you're O [...]

First things first

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You want to revise your website. Or reach out to a new audience. Or create a new logo. You have something in mind that you want to do. And you're in a hurry. I hear you, I hear you. You want to get that communication started. Time is money. Chop chop!  So you run out and hire someone to start [...]