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First step in branding: find yourself

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My former colleague and branding expert Dean Crutchfield recently wrote an article in Forbes about why Pepsi Cola's launch of their "Refresh" program backfired< [...]

5 Ways Social Media Marketing is different from Traditional Marketing

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If you're in marketing, and you're over the age of, oh, 27, you're probably experiencing a lot of new things in your job. Press Releases are fading out,  Twitter feeds are ramping up. You wonder if you need a business FaceBook page, or worry about search engine rankings, or rack your brain [...]

Kerrigan College Planning

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Bonnie Kerrigan Snyder needed to hone her brand  and logo when her college planning business landed a major book deal. Read  testimonia [...]

How to get found on Google Local

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Google has found that a lot of people are looking for quick access to products and services in their local area. So they created a special directory called Google Places which sort of acts like a mini-local-Yellow-Pages within the bigger Google search engine. The Google service called “Google P [...]