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Are you “more than happy”?

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I just got off the phone with a representative from a large US corporation who told me she was "more than happy to take care of that" for me. The phrase, "more than happy" stuck in my mind. More than happy? What does it mean? Does it mean "happier" ? Or "ecstatic"? Is it some other state of mind [...]

10 brand trends for 2011—how can you take advantage of them?

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Brands are organic things, they change with the times. The best way to keep your brand fresh—and more important, relevant—is to keep abreast of the cultural trends that affect our world. For the past six years, the marketing company JWTIntelligence has put together a list of the top trends fo [...]

3 steps in creating a useable web site

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Zoyo works with its clients to create usable web sites. Not just pretty web sites or informative web sites, but web sites that are acutally useful to the audience. We are lucky to work with some great web developers, including Michiko Swiggs, [...]