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6 steps to powerful copywriting

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I was recently hired by a new client to work on a copywriting project. They hired me because their previous writer just wasn’t getting the job done. I came in, and quickly turned out some powerful, effective writing. “How did you do it?” they asked. They’d given me the same information they [...]

The #1 way to grow your Facebook likes (Hint: it’s not a raffle)

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Facebook “likes” are the holy grail of social marketing these days. Everyone wants to gain more likes and they’re doing all kinds of wacky things to get noticed. Do you know the number one way to get liked on Facebook? The one strategy that really works?

Nope, not raffles

If you gue [...]

The two biggest problems in social marketing—solved?

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Social marketing has two huge problems.

1) Too many venues

You've got Facebook, Twitter, online ads—pay per click, and billboard style—plus your blog, your web site, your partner websites... you could go on and on. It's a lot for a marketer to keep up with even if you are vigilant abo [...]