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Brand control: Among 5 top challenges of HR executives

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Brand control: Among 5 top challenges of HR executives

Brand control is one of the five biggest challenges of HR executives, according to a recent Wall Street Journal article. Managing the company’s image is key to attracting the right job candidates.

Why is brand important in HR?  The best job candidates choose companies for their corporate culture, industry leadership status, and commitment to improvement—all elements that can be strengthened by a brand.

They’re also elements that can spin out of control when the brand is not clearly defined and actively managed. That’s the source of HR professionals’ angst that was identified by the Wall Street Journal.

Job candidates can find out almost anything, from company financials to personnel gripes, on the internet. Your brand must strong enough to put these details into a larger perspective. Here’s an example: maybe financials are not so rosy right now, but that news, in the context of a brand that encourages innovation isn’t going to make a strong negative impact. A prospective job candidate will still have a positive impression of the organization if they believe in the brand.

If you want to encourage the sharpest talent, and keep your HR staff happy, your company needs a solid brand. The best people often choose the company with the best brand.

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