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Can your brand compete with the world’s top 3 brands?

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Can your brand compete with the world’s top 3 brands?

What’s the most valuable brand in the world? Your own, of course. But since we live in a competitive world, every year Interbrand, a large brand consultancy firm, puts out a report of the world’s most valuable brands.

Can you guess the top three brands?

Here’s a hint. One’s a drink and two are computer companies.

OK, no more pondering. (I bet you guessed #1 by looking at the picture.) Here’s the answer: Coca-Cola, IBM, and Microsoft. Others in the top ten (in order from #3 to #10) are Google, GE, McDonald’s, Intel, Apple, Disney and Hewlett-Packard.

 What makes a top brand?

Why these brands? It’s all a matter of the criteria used by Interbrand.

Global. For Internbrand, the brand must be global (30% revenues outside of home country and a presence in three or more continents as well as emerging markets).

Public.The brand must be public (data must be publically available on the brand’s financial performance).

Profitable. The business must be a going concern.

Well-known. And it must be known to an audience beyond its own marketplace.

Then Interbrand looks at the financial performance of the company, the role brand plays in its financial gains, and the relative “strength” of that brand.

Key elements of a strong brand:

How does one determine the strength of a brand? According to Interbrand, here are the key elements.

Inside a company:

  • Is the brand clear?
  • Is there a commitment to the brand?
  • Is the brand responsive to market challenges and opportunities?
  • Is the brand secure: that is, is it legally protected in terms of design, scale, and geography?

External to a company:

  • Is the brand relevant?
  • Is the brand authentic?
  • Is the brand unique?
  • Is the brand consistent?
  • Is there a strong brand presence?
  • Is the brand recognized?

Think about those criteria for your organization’s brand. How well are you doing in those categories? If you feel your brand could be stronger, contact us at Zoyo Branding.

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