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The Tao of Branding

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The Tao Te Ching is the ancient text written several thousand years ago by Chinese philosopher Lau Tzo. The famous book outlines the essence of wisdom. The text is maddeningly cryptic, especially because it frequently makes statements that appear contradictory. Chapter 2 of The Tao[...]

How can I save money by investing in a brand?

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Let's face it. Organizations today are looking for ways to save, reduce their budgets, and ensure the money they spend works harder than ever. So why add a "brand review" to your costs? Because you can actually save money by defining and clarifying your brand. A clearly articulated brand and a se [...]

How do I choose a branding agency?

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Are you interviewing firms to help you with re-branding? What should you look for? What questions should you ask? Look for a methodology. Branding is a process. The process should evaluate three basic areas – the state of your brand, the competitive environment and your target [...]

What makes a great brand?

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At Zoyo Branding, we help organizations reach their potential by creating strong brands. What makes a strong brand? It may sound silly, but we summarize the answers with the vowels A, E, I, O, U: A for Authentic: The brand must “ring true” for every customer interaction. It m [...]

Zoyo Branding

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It's a cluttered, fast-paced world. What can make your organization stand out? A strong brand. Zoyo Branding creates brands, brand messages, logos, and blogs for businesses in the Seattle area. A brand is an image, but it’s also a relationship built from each individual’s experiences wi [...]