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3 Reasons branding is tough on Facebook

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Facebook is a key vehicle for expressing your brand. But it's not that easy to succeed in actually using Facebook tools. As a brander, here are the three main reasons I think it's tough to work with Facebook. 1. It's hard to manipulate the Facebook Page As someone who work [...]

3 Best Brands on Facebook

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Why use Facebook to raise your brand awareness? Through Facebook you can interact with your audiences in an immediate, human, communal way. You can post timely info (sales, praises, holiday events) and people can provide instant feedback. Your Facebook page can be a fast way for customers to get vit [...]

3 Reasons Why Fictional Characters Help Brands Grow

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How important is storytelling to a brand? Let's look at the idea from the perspective of the "protagonists" in our brand stories—the fictional characters linked to products that convey the qualities of the  brand with real, emotional  attributes.  in cute, colorful, and compelling ways. We [...]

Advertising your e-books with “viral-quality” videos

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Indie authors and publishers need to use all the marketing tools of the trade. One of the best tools is setting up a You Tube Channel and creating The digital publisher Pixel Titles has a few You Tube videos on its new channel, providing a traditional "book trailer" style overview of two of its t [...]

Thanks for the recommendation

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You can't win 'em all. I recently submitted a proposal for a branding project, but the client selected a larger firm. I was disappointed, but my attitude changed when the next week I saw this posting on his local listserv:

"I recommend talking to Beth Bacon at [...]

Top 3 Search Engine Trends for 2013

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Search is the number one way for your web site to get attention. Search engines have the power to direct your potential customers to your site, or to someone else's. If you're marketing today, you need to be savvy about this powerful influencer. As the new year dawns, do you know the trends for 2 [...]

Do you know the top four pillars of your brand?

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A brand is a clear, simple, brief articulation of your organization's personality and benefits. When someone knows your brand, they  know what you stand for and—more importantly—how they are going to benefit from engaging with you. That all sounds great, you're thinking, but maybe it sounds too [...]

3 top ways for local businesses to advertise—as newspaper ad sales slide to oblivion

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2012 was the year in which digital news surpassed newspaper and radio news. More people get their news from a digital screen than through their ears or  a paper. For local businesses that have relied on local newspaper advertising, whether small town newspapers or big city rags, this is bad news. T [...]

What’s a typical schedule for a web development project?

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Zoyo Branding helps many clients achieve a new or a significantly revised web site. At Zoyo branding, we work with different web coders to turn our client's vision into a reality. One of the keys to a successful web development project is planning. We've all heard of projects not meeting require [...]

How to use email to close a sale

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Success, for many of my customers, is all about closing the sale. Salespeople and marketers often come to loggerheads about this. Salespeople often say Marketing is futile, and really doesn't help close the sale. But I beg to differ. Marketing can close sales. Here's how. With [...]

Download tips on building your brand with social media

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These days, your customers have a range of ways to interact with your brand. The least expensive and most effective way to build a relationship between your brand and your audience is with social media. But the range of social media [...]

40% of small businesses increase digital marketing

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Small and medium-sized businesses are shelling out for digital marketing in the third quarter of 2012. Maybe it's because digital marketing works. Digital marketing gives business a big bang for their buck, is highly targeted, and can be measured immediately. Market researcher [...]

Try this Trend: Add symbols to e-mail headers

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Looking for a way to say a lot in your email headers without using a lot of space? Want to draw attention to your promotional emails? Try adding a symbol. Email marketers at companies large and small have started using this technique. The company [...]

Marketers rank 4th in coffee dependency

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You just gotta love [...]

Is your place on Google Places?

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Why buy an ad in the Yellow Pages?  For free you can show up well in local searches using Google Places. Who uses Yellow Pages any more, anyway? At Zoyo Branding we've created a quick slideshow to explain [...]