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How to get your brand to work by instinct

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How to get your brand to work by instinct

Would you rather be a brand that your customers “recognize” or a brand your customers “love”? What is the difference between being known and being adored? It could be the difference between “getting by” and making a profit. It’s the difference between a restaurant that has a few empty tables and one with the line out the door. For many, it could be the difference between success and failure.

Archetypal brands work because they don’t just give you an identity. They associate your brand with a deep-seeded longing that works at the instinctual level. By instinct.

Sounds heavy, and actually, it is. Still, why not associate your brand with something people long for? Something like victory, or independence, or even rebellion?

How do you get there? Zoyo branding can help you get this kind of archetypal brand. But first you must understand what it is. This slideshow, created by another branding firm, offers a graphic explanation. They call it Cult Branding. I’m not so crazy about that term, but this slideshow introduces the concept that we at Zoyo Branding deliver to our clients.


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