Brand Archetypes List

Here’s a Brand Archetype list that we commonly use at Zoyo Branding.

Many people come to Zoyo Branding to learn more about archetypes. Creating a Brand Archetype Analysis is a special service we offer. Contact us for more information.

Which archetypes resonate for you or your organization?

Archetypal Character
Does it speak to you?
* The Hero
Proves self through amazing physical acts. Strong, but uses a controlled strength to benefit others.
Nike, Ford, Home Depot
* The Caregiver
The protective nurturer and gentle provider: Helps others by providing their needs. Much respected and trusted, icons of home, security and continuity
Campbell’s, Pampers, Volvo, Allstate, Kleenex, Heinz, American Express
* The Outlaw / Maverick
Rebel, Outlaw, Rogue
Achieve freedom (from the establishment) through defiance, disobedience, and nonconformity. Enjoys being a little bit bad, may not be admired but enjoys being feared
Harley Davidson, Virgin Airlines. Diesel Jeans, MTV
* The Everyman
Good old boy, Girl next door, Average Joe, down to earth.
Bonds with others by being humble, hard-working, and friendly
Miller Beer, Sonic, Walmart, Covergirl, Chevy
* Sage / Genius
Intellectual solutions to problems, Expert advise, serious objective tone. Finds truth through research, objectivity, and diligence.
CNN, IBM, Intel, Google
* Sensualist / Lover
Pursues perfect enjoyment through physical experiences, Dreamlike quality easy to fall for
Victoria’s Secret, BMW, Godiva, Versace, Food Network, Haagen Dazs, Starbucks
* Explorer
Learn what’s valuable by discovering new things. Challenges consumers to do new things and by doing them, they learn about themselves.
Jeep, Pepsi, VISA, Red Bull
The Servant
Gain something important by serving others (and deemphasizing self)
Red Cross, Amnesty International, Peace Corps
The Traditionalist
Conservative. Restores something by returning to old-school values
Old Spice, Wells Fargo, Kellogg’s, Ralph Lauren
The Monster/Villain
The antagonist, especially in opposition to the hero. Satisfies internal drives or passions through whatever means necessary
Darth Vader, Marilyn Manson (and many rock bands)
* The Innocent
Achieves a pure life by always doing the right thing.
Avon, Dove soap
The Connector
Talker, networker, reliable friend. Makes things happen by knowing the right people.
Coca-Cola, AT&T, Facebook, LinkedIn
The Thrill Seeker
Achieves great rewards through great risks/fun. Learn what’s constant in live by changing environments.
Mountain Dew, Nintendo, Subaru
The Underdog
Someone who starts with little or some “handicap” but creates something valuable in the end.  Virally driven, low-frills.
Craig’s List 
, eBay
* The Magician
Creates transformation, Overcomes the impossible, creates delight with his/her imagination and cleverness
Apple, Disney
The Dreamer
Promotes faith and wonder to achieve extraordinary experiences or transformation.
Rock Band
The Teacher
Experienced and knowledgeable, provides support and training so a change can be made. Offers new understanding of the world.
* The King / Ruler
Leader, part of the establishment, set the rule that others play by. Powerful, May be benevolent or evil
Microsoft, New York Times
* The Jester
Element of energy and fun, overthrowing the established way of doing things, speaks the truth when no one else does, adds levity to tense situations, has access to powerful people
The Loyalist / Sidekick
Allows Hero to perform amazing feats by taking care of the mundane, offers friendship, plays valued—but  not leading—role
Post-It Notes
* The Creator / Artist
Non conformist, not motivated by fitting in but by self-expression.
Lego, Apple
The Motivator
Achieve amazing goals by getting people excited about a cause
Individual people (Obama)
The Defender / Warrior
Protect others from harm through bravery, self-sacrifice, technology
Army, Greenpeace, Dial Soap
The Executive
Creates a change in the world through hard work and planning. Disciplined, focused, organized.
Mont Blanc Pen, FedEx, Blackberry

* = one of Jungs 12 main archetypes