Zoyo Logo Methodology

How to make a great logo

We don’t just design great-looking logos. We design the right logo for you—and we do it with a clear, yet fun, methodology. Let’s walk through the process together, using the Zoyo logo as an example.

STEP 1: Establish a brand. Together, we need a base of understanding on which to base the logo. See our Services page for an explanation of our branding methodology.

STEP 2: Build a Creative Brief. This document lets our logo designers know what you want to achieve with the logo. It also lets you know how to decide which logo is right for you. Here’s an example of an “empty” creative brief… we fill it out together.

STEP 3: Let the designers go wild. They will come up with many ideas and present them in Round 1. Here is an example of the Round 1 logos for Zoyo. It’s a 3-page presentation with three different logos

STEP 4: Evaluate. All these logos are pretty good, aren’t they? They all could be used as company logos somewhere. So, how do you decide which one to go with? Some companies make this decision a very stressful process. We don’t. Some companies don’t know what to do next so they keep telling the designer to try different things. Not only is that a waste of time and energy. It’s a sure way to end up with a BAD logo.

Our methodology helps you end up with a good—even great—logo. What you really want is to be confident that the logo we choose is right for your organization. Take a deep breath. Remember we did our branding work before we started to come up with designs? Now is the time to go back to our brand blueprint and review what it says. Then look at the logo options and evaluate: which one most closely matches the brand?

Choose three logos you like.

Tell the designer to explore those three logos further. And we’re on to STEP 5.

STEP 5: More evaluations. They all look pretty good. We can imagine what each logo would look like in real life situations (coffee mug, business card). But which one? Again, go back to the branding blueprint. In this case, we chose the green flower-like image. We were sure the color and the design most closely resembled the brand we were trying to achieve.

We said good-bye to the wonderful orange and yellow box, and farewell to the wonderful, simple orange and yellow type treatment. Then we said, “Aloha!” to the green and gray plumeria-style design.

Still, we weren’t sure therelationships of the petals in this logo were exactly right. So the designer went back and tried some more variations on that one single theme.

STEP 6: An in-depth exploration of the selected motif.

We sat back and evaluated again. After looking at the variations, we decided the original logo was indeed best. It matched the brand positioning. It looked balanced. Bingo. Great logo—no sleepless nights, no overtime hours, no stress. We know we have what works for our company. We can approve it and move on!