Interview with Jobfully CEO Mei LuMarch 2010

What are the issues / business problem(s) you were experiencing that led you to your hiring Zoyo?

I understood “branding” only at an abstract level. The team was having problem anchoring external communications based on a clear identity.

How did you decide on using Zoyo Branding?

After Beth showed me practical, do-able and affordable steps to derive a branding strategy and execution plan, then I realized it was time to engage Beth to start Jobfully’s branding effort.

How did you communicate your issues to Zoyo?

A few in-person meetings, along with email exchange to communicate Jobfully’s business models, market condition and competitive analysis. It was very much of a conversation, which was helpful, to explore and identify my company’s need during the in-person meetings.

Did Zoyo understand your issues?


What did Zoyo do, specfically?

Facilitating workshop that created an outlet for team members to share their thoughts on how they felt the company was about. From the out pour of team members’s input, Beth distilled the results and captured the essence of Jobfully’s identity.

Was the process clear, timely, and appropriate?

Yes, yes and yes.

Which solutions that Zoyo offered were most helpful?

Coming up with the branding identity for Jobfully.

What about the solution surprised you?

It’s very simple, elegant and true to Jobfully stands for.

Talk about the value of Zoyo’s work.

The result of Zoyo’s work has helped every Jobfully team member in prioritizing their work and guiding both the external and internal communications.

How has the Zoyo solution helped your staff make better decisions?

Team members no longer struggle with how to communicate Jobfully’s unique value proposition to potential customers and partners.

How has the Zoyo solution helped you better support your audience?

The result of Zoyo’s branding work helped us tremendously in shaping our content generation strategies to best serve our target audience.

Describe any unexpected positive impacts.

Team members became more self-directed.

How do employees feel about the solution?

Team members all felt Zoyo’s branding work was a very useful process and really enjoyed it.

How is your organization different now that Zoyo has worked with you?

Team members are not only mindful of keep their work consistent with company’s brand, but everyone is also clear about what that brand is.

Would you work with Zoyo again or recommend Zoyo to others?

Definitely yes!