My business is much more focused, and so my efforts are much more directed and efficient.

Kerrigan College Planning:

Branding and logo services

What led you to hire Zoyo Branding?

I was having difficulty formulating my business vision, identifying what made my business unique, and clarifying my goals. I had been operating without a master plan or brand, but Zoyo helped move me to a much more professional platform with far higher aspirations. Working with Zoyo helped me see what is possible for my business and showed me how to get there.

How did you communicate your issues to Zoyo Branding?

Communicating with Zoyo was easy, even though we are located on two different coasts. Beth was organized, goal-oriented, experienced, directive, and enthusiastic. She understood my business better than I did!

Did Zoyo Branding understand your issues?

(see above)

What did Zoyo Branding do, specfically?

Zoyo listened and asked the right questions. They drew the information from me by knowing the right questions to ask. They understood my strengths and challenges better than I did and, most importantly, they articulated the core message that I need to communicate to clients and potential clients. They cut through the confusion of my former communications and helped me craft a much more pointed message to deliver to my target audiences. In the process, they helped me better understand my own business and capabilities.

Was the process clear, timely, and appropriate?

Zoyo was prompt, efficient, and effective. First rate!

Which solutions that Zoyo offered were most helpful?

Zoyo pointed out to me that my main target audience was different than the one I had expected. This completely shifted all of my prior assumptions and led to the development of entirely new and effective marketing strategies.

What about the solution surprised you?

I was particularly pleased with how Zoyo reduced my long, rambling description of my business to a very direct and targeted core message with impact. This led to the very rapid development of a terrific logo and powerful tagline with a coherent, shared vision.

Talk about the “value” of Zoyo’s work.

Zoyo provided my business with many types of value, including clarity, direction, and insight. I think the biggest value, however, was the confidence gained from having an outside party clearly articulate my message and its value in the competitive marketplace. This is something that can be very difficult for a business owner to achieve independently. Before, my presence in the marketplace was muddled. Now, everything about my business is much more streamlined and refined. My business is much more focused, and so my efforts are much more directed and efficient.

How did Zoyo’s work improve everyday operations?

I have a much better sense of who my target audience is, now. I know how to reach them, the message I need to deliver.

How did Zoyo’s work help you better support your audience?

Zoyo changed my perception of my target audience, which shifted all of my business strategies and opened up great new possibilities.

How did Zoyo’s work help decrease expenses or reduce the cost of doing business?

The clarity that comes from having a refined business message can really eliminate wasted money spent on a garbled communication strategy. Zoyo helped me cut right to the chase and make rapid progress on a number of stalled marketing initiatives.

Describe any unexpected positive impacts.

Renewed confidence!

How is your organization different now that Zoyo has worked with you?

I think that we are ready to compete with the “big boys” now on an impressive, professional platform. We can move forward with vision and confidence.

Would you work with Zoyo again or recommend Zoyo to others?

Working with Zoyo is a great opportunity. I would recommend them enthusiastically to anyone looking to move their business to the next level. The entire process was both worthwhile, enjoyable, and revelatory.