Interview with Janette Force, Director of Port Townsend Film FestivalMarch 2010

Port Townsend Film Festival

What issues led you to your hiring Zoyo?

At the 10-year mark of a non-profit, with a new director, we needed to step back and figure out where we came from and how or why we should continue.

How did you decide on using Zoyo Branding?

Word of mouth, and the website has some really great stuff on it.

Walk me through what Zoyo did for you.

Beth invited us to describe what we do, how we have done it and why it matters. Seems simple but most businesses are so caught in the pressing issue of the day that we seldom take the time to step back to view the bigger picture. By sitting together and creating a portrait of our 10 yr experience, we got a much clearer idea of what we have accomplished and where we need to go from here to address our mission.

How did you communicate your issues to Zoyo?

Our Zoyo agent (don’t you love that? Beth Bacon, Zoyo Agent) had no history with our mission, that required analytical listening to our wandering stories to piece together the essential portrait of our work. She brought enough curiosity to the table that we were led into a much deeper exploration of ‘why’ our organization developed as it has, instead of just a timeline of events.

Did Zoyo understand your issues?


What did Zoyo do, specifically?

Zoyo provided us with a document that describes our work, gave goals both short & long term and, most importantly, the talking points to describe those goals so that our board, our staff and our volunteers can sing the same song.

Was the process clear, timely, and appropriate?


How did Zoyo relate to your staff?


Which solutions that Zoyo offered were most helpful?

Our Branding Blueprint.

What about the solution surprised you?

Until I read the Branding Blueprint, I had never realized how confusing it can be for an organization to assume that everyone else is seeing the same needs, asking the same questions and telling very different stories about it. The level of professionalism that I feel I can now offer to my Board of Directors and the confidence they have in their message is an unexpected pleasure.

Talk about the value of Zoyo’s work.

In our search for funding on a broader stage, as we approach donors, having this work to draw from is invaluable. And I truly did not know how much we needed it until I had it in my hand.

How has the Zoyo solution helped improve your staff?

Our staff is now empowered to make better decisions. Absolutely.

How has the Zoyo solution helped better support your audience?

Yes, especially since we can now identify our audience’s diverse elements.

How has the Zoyo solution decreased expenses or reduced the cost of doing business?

I now have an ever deepening understanding of how quickly the world is changing, that print media is rapidly being eclipsed as the most important marketing tool.

Describe any unexpected positive impacts.

Increased confidence in our mission.

How is your organization different now that Zoyo has worked with you?

I believe the Board of Directors is finally seeing that we can step into our next decade as a professional organization, not just one more non profit re-inventing the wheel each year with no continuity or sustainable vision.

Would you work with Zoyo again or recommend Zoyo to others?

In a heartbeat. Please invite them to call our office and speak with me, you could send them to our website when the new improved one goes up. Looking forward to the next step and digging up the funding for a new logo. Thanks, Zoyo!