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“Small businesses need brands too,” Beth Bacon tells Kitsap Business Journal

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“Small businesses need brands too,” Beth Bacon tells Kitsap Business Journal

Once again, the local Kitsap Peninsual Buisness Journal wrote an article featuring the work of Zoyo Branding.  Below, in bold, is an exerpt from the lengthy  article dated March 2, 2011.

Bacon’s latest rebranding project, for Bainbridge Island’s Emerald BioStructures, didn’t get into the color palette discussion until after the analysis into what the company does well.

“One of the things it does well is that it has real scientists working on the same things as the customers. The message was, ‘We’re working with you on the same road to discovery and we understand the road to discovery.’ From that, we came up with the color scheme,” said Bacon, who was brought on board as a full-time marketing consultant by the biotech company last spring specifically to develop a branding and marketing strategy.

The rebranding included new graphics, brochures, marketing materials and website (unveiled recently). Part of the reason for the rebranding was the company’s recent change of ownership: Emerald BioStructures had just divested itself of its parent company. The branding research not only showed what the company did well, it also compelled it to focus more on the separate arm of the business, sister company Emerald BioSystems, which sells technology and crystallization chemicals created by Emerald to other scientists.

“Learning that helped the company start emphasizing their custom products. It was very helpful for the business side of things to see the potential growth,” Bacon said.

Bacon believes that businesses of any size, no matter how small, can benefit from branding research — even if as simple as asking customers about their perception of the brand.

“Small businesses definitely need a brand as much as anyone because it gives a simple, clear message,” she said. “…Asking customers is a huge way of knowing your brand: They’re forming a brand in their mind whether you give them a brand or not.”

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