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3 Best Brands on Facebook

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Why use Facebook to raise your brand awareness? Through Facebook you can interact with your audiences in an immediate, human, communal way. You can post timely info (sales, praises, holiday events) and people can provide instant feedback. Your Facebook page can be a fast way for customers to get vit [...]

Top 3 Search Engine Trends for 2013

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Search is the number one way for your web site to get attention. Search engines have the power to direct your potential customers to your site, or to someone else's. If you're marketing today, you need to be savvy about this powerful influencer. As the new year dawns, do you know the trends for 2 [...]

Do you know the top four pillars of your brand?

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A brand is a clear, simple, brief articulation of your organization's personality and benefits. When someone knows your brand, they  know what you stand for and—more importantly—how they are going to benefit from engaging with you. That all sounds great, you're thinking, but maybe it sounds too [...]

What’s a typical schedule for a web development project?

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Zoyo Branding helps many clients achieve a new or a significantly revised web site. At Zoyo branding, we work with different web coders to turn our client's vision into a reality. One of the keys to a successful web development project is planning. We've all heard of projects not meeting require [...]

40% of small businesses increase digital marketing

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Small and medium-sized businesses are shelling out for digital marketing in the third quarter of 2012. Maybe it's because digital marketing works. Digital marketing gives business a big bang for their buck, is highly targeted, and can be measured immediately. Market researcher [...]

Don’t think of it as Marketing. Think of it as Audience Development.

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Think of Marketing as Audience Development

What is Marketing today? Marketing used to be a company getting on a loudspeaker and booming out messages to everyone, hoping someone will hear and respond. That model for promotion is so over.

Walk in your audience's shoes

Marketing is [...]

Can your brand compete with the world’s top 3 brands?

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What’s the most valuable brand in the world? Your own, of course. But since we live in a competitive world, every year Interbrand, a large brand consultancy firm, puts out a [...]

Li’l Woody’s: Brand

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What Seattle needs is another hamburger joint, right? Well, sure, as long as it has a strong brand. The founders of Li'l Woody's hired Zoyo Branding to find the essence of the experience, which tapped into a that deep desire to bite into the perf [...]

Steve Jobs’ influence on branding

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What was the influence of Steve Jobs? All of us who spent the 80's and 90's working on Apple projects know he was the vision behind so many great technologies we use today (whether or not they're Apple products... so many of Apple's competitors simply followed the tracks he made in the snow). One of [...]

10 brand trends for 2011—how can you take advantage of them?

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Brands are organic things, they change with the times. The best way to keep your brand fresh—and more important, relevant—is to keep abreast of the cultural trends that affect our world. For the past six years, the marketing company JWTIntelligence has put together a list of the top trends fo [...]

Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing

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Email marketing is a vital link between organizations and their audiences. With email marketing, it's all about building a relationship with your customer--and maybe even making some quick sales. Constant Contact is a leading email marketing services company, and Zoyo is a Constant Contact Soluti [...]

First step in branding: find yourself

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My former colleague and branding expert Dean Crutchfield recently wrote an article in Forbes about why Pepsi Cola's launch of their "Refresh" program backfired< [...]

Kerrigan College Planning

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Bonnie Kerrigan Snyder needed to hone her brand  and logo when her college planning business landed a major book deal. Read  testimonia [...]

Three big influences on your brand that you can’t control

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A company's brand is its identity. Companies spend lots of time defining and articulating their brands.  But as a corporate brander, you can only control part of your brand. Your brand is affected but three large influences that are out of your control. Those brand influencers are your audience, yo [...]

3 steps to generating leads with your web site

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Not every organization thinks about its web site every day. Lots of companies perform services (haircuts, gardening, educational consulting, whatever) that have nothing to do with the internet. Still, those people need a web site. Everyone needs a web site and everyone's web site should be used to g [...]