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3 Best Brands on Facebook

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Why use Facebook to raise your brand awareness? Through Facebook you can interact with your audiences in an immediate, human, communal way. You can post timely info (sales, praises, holiday events) and people can provide instant feedback. Your Facebook page can be a fast way for customers to get vit [...]

Thanks for the recommendation

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You can't win 'em all. I recently submitted a proposal for a branding project, but the client selected a larger firm. I was disappointed, but my attitude changed when the next week I saw this posting on his local listserv:

"I recommend talking to Beth Bacon at [...]

Top 3 Search Engine Trends for 2013

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Search is the number one way for your web site to get attention. Search engines have the power to direct your potential customers to your site, or to someone else's. If you're marketing today, you need to be savvy about this powerful influencer. As the new year dawns, do you know the trends for 2 [...]

Do you know the top four pillars of your brand?

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A brand is a clear, simple, brief articulation of your organization's personality and benefits. When someone knows your brand, they  know what you stand for and—more importantly—how they are going to benefit from engaging with you. That all sounds great, you're thinking, but maybe it sounds too [...]

3 top ways for local businesses to advertise—as newspaper ad sales slide to oblivion

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2012 was the year in which digital news surpassed newspaper and radio news. More people get their news from a digital screen than through their ears or  a paper. For local businesses that have relied on local newspaper advertising, whether small town newspapers or big city rags, this is bad news. T [...]

What’s a typical schedule for a web development project?

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Zoyo Branding helps many clients achieve a new or a significantly revised web site. At Zoyo branding, we work with different web coders to turn our client's vision into a reality. One of the keys to a successful web development project is planning. We've all heard of projects not meeting require [...]

Is your place on Google Places?

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Why buy an ad in the Yellow Pages?  For free you can show up well in local searches using Google Places. Who uses Yellow Pages any more, anyway? At Zoyo Branding we've created a quick slideshow to explain [...]

Teens are people, too

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A recent research project had me doing phone interviews and online interviews with teens from around the Seattle area. The client is TeenTix, an organization dedicated to teens and the arts. TeenTix offers teenagers $5 tickets to theater, music, dance, and art performances. The assignment for Zoyo w [...]

Can your brand compete with the world’s top 3 brands?

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What’s the most valuable brand in the world? Your own, of course. But since we live in a competitive world, every year Interbrand, a large brand consultancy firm, puts out a [...]

The Emotional Promise of a Brand

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Can a burger be so good you go out of your way for it? Can a bite become an event? If so, how do you build all of that yumminess into a brand? That was the challenge with Li’l Woody’s. To define the experience in this new, organic-yet-greasy burger joint in [...]

How to get your brand to work by instinct

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Would you rather be a brand that your customers "recognize" or a brand your customers "love"? What is the difference between being known and being adored? It could be the difference between "getting by" and making a profit. It's the difference between a restaurant that has a few empty tables and one [...]

Branding: the fulcrum that makes marketing easier

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A lot of organizations do marketing without doing branding. For those companies, every marketing effort is like lifting a heavy weight over their heads unassisted. Each time they do outreach, the organization stretches, sweats, heaves, and sometimes puts its back out. If a company does branding f [...]

Steve Jobs’ influence on branding

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What was the influence of Steve Jobs? All of us who spent the 80's and 90's working on Apple projects know he was the vision behind so many great technologies we use today (whether or not they're Apple products... so many of Apple's competitors simply followed the tracks he made in the snow). One of [...]

Are you “more than happy”?

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I just got off the phone with a representative from a large US corporation who told me she was "more than happy to take care of that" for me. The phrase, "more than happy" stuck in my mind. More than happy? What does it mean? Does it mean "happier" ? Or "ecstatic"? Is it some other state of mind [...]

First step in branding: find yourself

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My former colleague and branding expert Dean Crutchfield recently wrote an article in Forbes about why Pepsi Cola's launch of their "Refresh" program backfired< [...]