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3 Best Brands on Facebook

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Why use Facebook to raise your brand awareness? Through Facebook you can interact with your audiences in an immediate, human, communal way. You can post timely info (sales, praises, holiday events) and people can provide instant feedback. Your Facebook page can be a fast way for customers to get vit [...]

Bright Spectrum – web writing

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One of Seattle's top web and app coding companies, Bright Spectrum tapped Zoyo Branding to research and write the text for its new web site. Just goes to show, those who make web sites choose Zoyo for clear, powerf [...]

Don’t think of it as Marketing. Think of it as Audience Development.

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Think of Marketing as Audience Development

What is Marketing today? Marketing used to be a company getting on a loudspeaker and booming out messages to everyone, hoping someone will hear and respond. That model for promotion is so over.

Walk in your audience's shoes

Marketing is [...]

Are you making the 4 biggest branding mistakes?

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The secret to success. Wouldn't it be great if it were simple. It can be. We believe that the secret to success for innovative organizations is to understand their audiences' Mental Models. (And all organizations are innovative, right? Doesn't the saying go "innovate or die?") In our previous po [...]

What are User Personas and how do they help marketing?

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What are "user personas," how do you make them, and how do they help your brand? User personas help marketers (and web developers and anyone else who's trying to understand their audience) think about their offerings in real life situations. Organizations are often stuck thinking about their offe [...]

How to get your brand to work by instinct

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Would you rather be a brand that your customers "recognize" or a brand your customers "love"? What is the difference between being known and being adored? It could be the difference between "getting by" and making a profit. It's the difference between a restaurant that has a few empty tables and one [...]

Steve Jobs’ influence on branding

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What was the influence of Steve Jobs? All of us who spent the 80's and 90's working on Apple projects know he was the vision behind so many great technologies we use today (whether or not they're Apple products... so many of Apple's competitors simply followed the tracks he made in the snow). One of [...]

Are you “more than happy”?

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I just got off the phone with a representative from a large US corporation who told me she was "more than happy to take care of that" for me. The phrase, "more than happy" stuck in my mind. More than happy? What does it mean? Does it mean "happier" ? Or "ecstatic"? Is it some other state of mind [...]

Graphic genius, Zoyo partner, honored in art show

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Corianton Hale, is a featured partner at Zoyo Branding. His talents have brightened many graphic design projects for Zoyo clients. He's also great at designing posters and album covers and his work will be honored in a Seattle display July 16 - 20. The exhibit will be at Company Bar [...]

Know what you stand for and your customers will stand in line

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To create an effective marketing program, it’s important to have real clarity on your organization’s brand. What’s a brand? Basically, your brand crystallizes your core concepts. It's not your company's products. It's what your organization stands for. It's not what you do.  It's the ne [...]

First things first

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You want to revise your website. Or reach out to a new audience. Or create a new logo. You have something in mind that you want to do. And you're in a hurry. I hear you, I hear you. You want to get that communication started. Time is money. Chop chop!  So you run out and hire someone to start [...]

“Small businesses need brands too,” Beth Bacon tells Kitsap Business Journal

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Once again, the local Kitsap Peninsual Buisness Journal wrote an article featuring the work of Zoyo Branding.  Below, in bold, is an exerpt from the lengthy  article dated Mar [...]

Getting from brand blueprint to branded marketing

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A lot of organizations understand the idea of a "brand." They can grasp the concept of crystallizing the identity of the company and determining the personality of a product, company, or service. When branding companies create a brand for their clients, they present their work in a document called a [...]

Architypes: which ones describe your brand?

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People all over the world pass down stories with characters or “archetypes.” Carl Jung introduced the idea of the “collective unconscious,” or a store of information held by all humans. Archetypes are easily recognized and remembered. When companies tie their brands in to archetypes, people [...]

Three-legged stool of branding

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Branding sits on a three-legged stool. All three legs of this stool must be examined and understood in order to come up with, and maintain, an effective brand.The legs are:

  • The organization's authentic identity
  • The audience
  • The market
By "organi [...]