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The two biggest problems in social marketing—solved?

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The two biggest problems in social marketing—solved?

Social marketing has two huge problems.

1) Too many venues

You’ve got Facebook, Twitter, online ads—pay per click, and billboard style—plus your blog, your web site, your partner websites… you could go on and on. It’s a lot for a marketer to keep up with even if you are vigilant about keeping your brand messaging consistent.

2) Measurement tools are too complex

How do you measure success? You’ve got so much access to data, and so few hours to wade through it. With Google Analytics, Webtrends, Hitwise, (the list goes on and on) marketers today need to be jugglers and statisticians as well as message-eers.

A solution in sight from Adobe?

Adobe, the business behind the ubiquitous PDF and the app that revolutionized photography, Photoshop, has recently tackled one of the knottiest problems in marketing: how to handle the muti-tentacled beast called Social Marketing. Their new solution is called Adobe Social.

Adobe Social claims to create a common platform and workflow that puts your online advertising and analytics tools all in one place. Their platform is “unifying engagement with listening and industry-leading business analytics.” They say it’s one place to plan, manage, measure, and optimize marketing strategies.

Whew! That’s a lot. We have not used Adobe Social yet. But will look into it. If it does what it promises, this could be as useful as PDFs and Photoshop.

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