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Zoyo Branding: PSAMA Award Finalist

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Zoyo Branding: PSAMA Award Finalist

The workday was just about ending when the phone rang. It was Kathy Cox, the president of the Puget Sound chapter of the American Marketing Association. The PSAMA is Washington State’s largest professional marketing association. Kathy was calling to tell me that Zoyo Branding is a finalist in the 2011 PSAMA Pulse Awards.


What’s special about the Pulse Awards is that they care about marketing effectiveness. Results. So does Zoyo. Here are some of the results from the work done for client Emerald BioSystems:

• New web site that allowed  gross sales of chemicals to nearly double

• Professional graphics and B&W images now reflect new “real discovery” brand and general increased awareness

• Email campaigns that cost only a few dollars to send directly influenced the purchase of major instruments

• Time on website reduced as customers find items more clearly, make purchases faster

• Streamlined back-end management integrates orders with laboratory, accounting, and shipping processes saves time, increases productivity

The Pulse Award application asked for a testimonial. Here’s the quote we submitted from our client:

“It’s been extremely helpful for us to think about ourselves and present ourselves in a new way on the heels of a new brand. Not only have the new materials been effective but the brand has helped us clarify the way we talk about ourselves as a company at meetings and on sales calls.” —Cory Gerdts, Senior Application Specialist, Emerald BioSystems

The Pulse Awards ceremony is coming up  on Wednesday, October 05, 2011 at 6:30 PM in the Bell Harbor International Conference Center in Seattle. A unique feature of this show is that attendees will vote for the award winners from the finalists that will be displayed at the event. Come by and see our display!

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