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Zoyo Branding

It’s a cluttered, fast-paced world. What can make your organization stand out?

A strong brand.

Zoyo Branding creates brands, brand messages, logos, and blogs for businesses in the Seattle area.

A brand is an image, but it’s also a relationship built from each individual’s experiences with an organization. As a relationship, a brand is as much about ideas and feelings as about product features, value, and efficacy. No organization completely controls its brand because customer interactions and media communications—especially in the interactive digital area—cannot be controlled from a corporate office. Brand relationships take on a life of their own.

Because brands are relationships, organizations need much more than a logo and tag line. They also need a brand strategy that guides meaningful, consistent interactions between employees and customers, management and the press, in fact everyone who connects in any way with the organization.

A strong brand  identifies the ideas and feelings that the organization stands for and informs not only marketing but every area of the organization. A brand strategy influences an advertising campaign, sure. But it also sets a tone for customer service, steers sponsorship links, helps define sales approaches, pilots new business opportunities, and more.

When you think about how powerful and influential a brand can be, the thought of defining a brand can seem overwhelming. Zoyo uses a methodical approach to identifying an authentic brand for its clients. Contact Beth Bacon at Zoyo for a consultation today.

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